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Sample Project: PennDOT Multimodal Highlights

Purpose: The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT’s) Multimodal Deputate aimed to communicate the state’s most significant achievements over the previous year related to ports, freight rail, passenger rail, public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian, and aviation.

Client Priorities: Brevity, visual appeal, easy to read at a glance.

Audience: Elected officials, the general public, and PennDOT employees.

Teaming and Role: Wordsworth Communications serves as a DBE subconsultant to Michael Baker International under an on-call contract with PennDOT’s Bureau of Public Transportation. Julie Johnson served as work order manager for this assignment, working directly with the PennDOT.

Services: Wordsworth Communications developed an outline and production schedule, created draft and revised layouts in Adobe InDesign, edited draft material submitted by the modal leads to align tone and level of detail among sections, drafted the Secretary’s cover letter, selected and optimized photos, and coordinated reviews and revisions with PennDOT.

Similar Assignments: Wordsworth Communications has provided writing, editing, document design, and coordination services for several previous executive summary-style annual reports for PennDOT’s Multimodal Deputate and Bureau of Public Transportation.

multimodal highlights cover photo